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Sutter Creek CHAOS

March 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Last week was Steve's birthday and we decided to celebrate it in Sutter Creek.  Both of us have lived in the Central Valley for most (me) or all (Steve) of our lives, and for reasons unexplained have not spent time in this charming Gold Country town.  Man, were we missing out!  This little gem has now become our new favorite weekend getaway spot.  It's quaint, friendly, historic, accessible, interesting, relaxing, fun, affordable, and best of all, NOT YET DISCOVERED BY THE BAY AREA!!!  Shhhh...


Just between you and me, let's keep this hideaway our little secret. ;-)


There were so many cool things to see and do - which I'll post about in due time - but one memorable stop was at CHAOS Glassworks, which is just off of the main drag and close to our hotel.  Not only are they an amazing glass arts studio with gobs of totally breakable colored thingymagibs, but they are also 100% DOG FRIENDLY.  This was great for Mila, who has never broken a wine glass in her life (I'm currently in the dozens shattered camp), and she eagerly trotted in to check out the wares.  Of course, when no dog biscuits were offered, she quickly lost interest.


Sky full of starsThese glass ornaments hanging under the workshop skylight were irresistible!

I can't help it, I'm a color lover!  Being surrounded by thousands of pieces of art glass in all shades of the rainbow, gently illuminated by the mid-morning sun, couldn't help but put me in a great mood.  


Check it out: the colors are so bright, Steve's gotta wear shades.  Here he is admiring a patch of blown glass pumpkins.


Baubles, baubles, baubles!Steve contemplating pumpkins vs. paper weights.


This place is an absolute riot of glass, glass, glass, and more glass.  I hope they aren't on a fault line.  And that they don't do grade school field trips.


Workin' itIf this studio picture doesn't scream "appropriately messy for an artist get meticulously clean enough for customers", I don't know what does.


There is a second story showroom for additional art glass, too - the inventory in this place is amazing!  I especially enjoyed the view from the upstairs looking down on the workspace, which was just the right mix of organization and, well, CHAOS.


The next time I am in the market for a nice piece of art glass (that isn't a Canon L-series lens, haha), I will definitely get it from CHAOS Glassworks.   


Crooked crackSomething about the pattern and color of this glass lampshade, and the juxtaposition of the jagged crack, really caught my eye.


Next up from this Gold Country trip: more images of Sutter Creek, or maybe the dilapidated and time-worn beauty of Fiddletown.  Hurry back!


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